Saturday, January 2, 2010

melbourne cup

Our chef Mark (Akka Melissa's husband) who roasted a beautiful lunch in his bbq.

celebrating melbourne cup (combined tupperware party) with some of my beautiful friends.
we all scrapped our own fasinators. I have tried to get a close up of each.

Melissa's creation...can you find the fire truck???

Margaret's fasinator that she whipped up in about 25 minutes!!...AGGRRR smarty!

Denise our tupperware consultant was a good sport she even made a fasinator out of her tupperware products!!

Fiona's full hat design....check out all these flowers and ribbons!

Angela's stunning black and white fasinator.

This would not be a creation of Nicole's without a butterfly!!

Of course beautiful Milla and her stunning head band!!...hehe... another whip up by Margaret. who by the way makes me jealous how she can manage to throw thing together! in such a short time.

Finally Me which I can believe I actuall got one made to start with!

I couldn't believe how long it's been

There is always more work to do, good work, challenging work, creative work. I think the biggest challenge is trying to balance it all.
I have a few roles to play...I am a single mother, business owner, grandmother, add in cleaning, cooking and organizing, paper work, classes, customer service, friend, blogging and then I need to find some time for ME (haha).
I love what I do and I feel blessed that I had the oppurtunity to open a business.
I am still finding my balance and sometimes somethings goes amiss.