Friday, November 21, 2014

This is my first post in 3 years ... the only thing I can see I was consistent with was not posting!!!LOL
It will be a little slow and steady over the next few weeks as I try to make a some changes and updates for this blog.
SO stay tuned   x

Thursday, January 6, 2011

wow ... January 2011

Hi all, where has the time gone??
2010 just flew by I can't believe it is over and a new one has began. We are looking forward to some big things for 2011 ... New ideas are on the table.... and as soon as they are in motion you will know about it !!
One of my many goals this year is to be more consistant with our blog....more pics.... more hints and tips.
I hope you have all had a good start to the new year .... mine was spent with my beautiful family feeding wild dolphins at Tin Can Bay !!!

cheers Zennia

Saturday, January 2, 2010

melbourne cup

Our chef Mark (Akka Melissa's husband) who roasted a beautiful lunch in his bbq.

celebrating melbourne cup (combined tupperware party) with some of my beautiful friends.
we all scrapped our own fasinators. I have tried to get a close up of each.

Melissa's creation...can you find the fire truck???

Margaret's fasinator that she whipped up in about 25 minutes!!...AGGRRR smarty!

Denise our tupperware consultant was a good sport she even made a fasinator out of her tupperware products!!

Fiona's full hat design....check out all these flowers and ribbons!

Angela's stunning black and white fasinator.

This would not be a creation of Nicole's without a butterfly!!

Of course beautiful Milla and her stunning head band!!...hehe... another whip up by Margaret. who by the way makes me jealous how she can manage to throw thing together! in such a short time.

Finally Me which I can believe I actuall got one made to start with!

I couldn't believe how long it's been

There is always more work to do, good work, challenging work, creative work. I think the biggest challenge is trying to balance it all.
I have a few roles to play...I am a single mother, business owner, grandmother, add in cleaning, cooking and organizing, paper work, classes, customer service, friend, blogging and then I need to find some time for ME (haha).
I love what I do and I feel blessed that I had the oppurtunity to open a business.
I am still finding my balance and sometimes somethings goes amiss.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

midnight madness

Ok I am off...midnight madness on tonight...start at 6.30pm and go through to midnight! this is our uninterrupted scrapping time away from home/husbands/children and reminders of what we could be doing if we were there!!...LOL. midnight madness also gives us a chance to have adult chats (those with children)...bitch about husbands/partners and catch up on I hope you have a good night as I know I will...goodnight

back hopefully tomorrow with some more pics!!!

debbies christmas wreath

here is another Kaiser wreath...creatively made by Debbie...
Debbie has used complimenting Kaiser products, including the belle christmas range of pattern papers,pearls, ribbons, wooden embellishments and dimentional magic...


spider queen and the zombie bride.....(myself and Di)
Halloween night and 1st birthday for jen's party supplies...a good night had by all...